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We are totally changing the way we have been doing things and we are so excited about it! We are not only offering clothing, we are also building a community of like minded individuals. We want you to interact with us directly and as often as possible. We are committed to telling you every story about how every design, trip, or decision came to be.

We feel like the first part of this process is our brand new limited edition monthly subscription "Tee Tubes". For $25 a month you can choose ANY STYLE WE OFFER! That means you can get a tank top, a girls cut tee, V necks, crew necks, whatever you'd like! we're also offering sizes up to 3XL! For only $25 a month ($3 cheaper than a normal tee) you will receive:

Exclusive members only tees
FREE SHIPPING ($10 for international)
Access to free podcasts and articles
Add ins and our own special touch
Weekly Q&A answering any questions you can come up with
and more to come!

Click the link below to SIGN UP!

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